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We are the trusted CCTV camera Dealers & Service Providers in Hyderabad.  CCTV camera is used mainly for surveillance. A close observation of public using CCTV is crucial . These are mainly used for homes, public places, businesses, homes,  and so on. CCTV cameras do play a important role to keep track of happenings around us.


Organizations like public as well as private sector use biometric systems for access control .  They are also used  for authetincation and attendacne.  Biometric logs help to keep the track of employees as well as for maintaining attendance.  Esepcially, businesses use bio metric systems to maintain productivity.  

Home Automation

Home automation is the act of controlling both electric and electronic appliances.  It involves automation of lighting, air conditioning, washing machines as well as security.  Sensors connected through wifi or internet to a device will monitor….

Fleet Management

It is the management of vehicles that are used  for commercial purposes.  It helps the organizations, which do transportation for their business.  Fleet management especially limits the cost by improving efficiency.  Vehicle tracking is the most basic function of the fleet management..

10500 Rs

CP Plus 1MP 4 CCTV Camera with DVR Kit with All Accessories

10500 Rs

CP Plus 1MP 4 CCTV Camera with DVR Kit with All Accessories

10500 Rs

CP Plus 1MP 4 CCTV Camera with DVR Kit with All Accessories

10500 Rs

CP Plus 1MP 4 CCTV Camera with DVR Kit with All Accessories

Video Conference

Videotelephony involves conference between two or more people.  Another name to video conference is videotelephony.  Video conference is especially useful for those who are far and in different locations.  It consists of utilizing computer networks to transmit audio and visual signals for communication.

Boom Barriers

Technology has completely changed both security as well as safety measures.  Automatic boom barrier is one of the product of such technology.  Developers designed boom barriers to prevent the forced vehicle entry.   These provide security at the entry and exit points.

Fire Alarms & Fire Fitting

Fire alarm system works on various devices, which together recognize and warn in emergencies.  It mainly triggers its alarms when there is an excessive fire, smoke or  carbon monoxide.  Governments made it mandatory to get No Objection Certificate from Fire and Safety Department…

Solar Power Fencing

Solar fencing is the most dependable securitysystem both for homes as well as industrial facilities.  In solar fencing system, a metal wire is installed between the posts around the region and gives security.  The wires are supplied by low power continuously by solar battery cells or electric source.

About Us

Vin Secure Solutions, a trusted CCTV camera Dealers & Service Providers, is a Hyderabad based organization. We provide high quality and integrated security services since 2010.  In addition to Hyderabad services, we are also going to expand our branches in Andhra Pradesh.  First, we initiated our services with installation of CCTV cameras in 2007 and then entered into online sales. Our primary moto is customer satisfaction rather than profits. Vin Group is proud to say that we have recently started doing home automationbiometrics such as access control, time and attendance systems; video door phones, fleet management, video conference; and solar power fencing. Vin Team is enthusiastic about advanced techniques especially refreshing our methodologies consistently. Our team is also up to date with the innovations in technologies. Hence, we are consistently creating value for our customers.

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We are the trusted CCTV Dealers & Service Providers




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Vin Secure Solutions is A Good Service Provider. Thanks for your service and I’m happy with your service


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Awesome work done  in delivering projects in time..really felt happy working with you.


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CCTV Cameras that were installed in our Hospital are working so effectively. Thanks  for good service


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I loved your services… Recently I have installed four CCTV cameras for our latest project.

Koteswara Rao

Business, Aditya Group

Our Philosophy

“A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. A customer is not an interruption in our work. He is the purpose of it. A customer is not an outsider in our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favor by serving him. He is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Vin Secure Solutions is the trusted CCTV Dealers & Services provider in Hyderabad

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