Access control systems for doors are among the solutions and goods offered by Vin Secure Solutions for access control system installation services. We have all the popular access control products in stock that can be installed and modified at your site for the best level of safety for your employees and the assets of your business.

Access Control Devices

The use of a door access control system prevents unauthorised entry. It is used to determine who is authorised to open doors and who will be in charge of opening particular doors on particular days and at particular times.

We have two different biometric access control solutions available. Professional fingerprint access and time attendance control systems serve as the foundation for the biometric access control system. The proximity access control system used in offices and factories permits time zone settings and guarantees an atmosphere of complete safety.

a smart access card | vin secure solutions
a smart access card | vin secure solutions
The list of products that we offer include:
  • Access Cards

  • Biometric Access Control Reader

  • Bio Proximity Time and Attendance System

  • Proximity Time and Attendance System

  • Bio Proximity Access Control System

  • Track Attendance Software

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