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Fire Alarms & Fire Fittings

Fire Alarms & Fire Fittings Fire alarm system incorporates various devices, which work together that recognize and caution the people in emergencies like fire, smoke, carbon monoxide with the assistances of alarms and sirens, which activated automatically by smoke and heat detectors, sometimes may be activated by manual alerts.  The alarms might be mechanical bells or horns mounted on walls and also speaker strobes, which gives sound alerts as well as voice evacuation messages for example not to use elevators.  Fire alarm systems are manually activated or automatically activated.  Manually activated fire alarms are installed at the exit points, which can promptly be recognized and operated.  Automatically activated fire alarms intended to automatically respond to extreme physical changes in the environment such as fire, smoke, carbon monoxide and release extinguishing agents and water flow.  Emergency voice alarm communication systems are used in fire alarms to render prerecorded and manual voice messages and these are generally used in high buildings, hospitals where evacuation of people is difficult.


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