Boom Barriers

Powerful Security for Restricted and High Secured Areas

Road Barriers

Technology has completely changed the security and safety measures.Automatic boom barrier is one of product of such technology.  These are specifically designed to preclude the forced vehicle entry.  These are preferably suitable to provide security at the entry and exit points of gated communities, residential complexes, industries, etc.  The automatic boom barriers could be operated by using push button, remote control, or access control devices.  Boom gates are generally seen at the level crossings, parking lots, checking points, and at restricted areas.  These are also used to control the passage of vehicles through tollgates at the toll bridges.  In urban areas, these are used to control the traffic and to allow authorized vehicles like minister’s convoy as well as for emergency service vehicles like ambulance. Automatic boom barrier is one of product of safe and security technology. Installing of automatic boom barriers is an effective solution to prevent railway crossing violations in order to prevent collisions at railway crossings. Various technologies are used in automatic boom barriers. Not only now, also in the future, boom barriers are effective in providing security.  Boom barriers are of two kinds, manual and automatic. The technology that is used in automatic boom barrier is electromechanical technology.  The fully automated boom barriers have sensors, which accurately measure the speed and timing of the vehicles.  Although, the fully automated boom barriers need not to supervise manually, they need periodic supervision of the sensors.

Flush or Hump Type Spike Systems or Hydraulic Tyre Killers

In general, these are used at the entrance points where high security is required.  This is an efficient security system used to prevent the threat of vehicle-ramming attack.  It is also used to control the vehicular access in high security zones.  By doing damage to the tyres and rims of the wheels, these preclude the attack of heavy vehicles with high speeds.  In case of power failure, these can also be operated manually.  These are operated by electrohydraulic system.  When closed, the spikes are concealed on the road surface and allow vehicles to pass the entrance point.  When raised, these spikes can stop heavy vehicles with heavy speed by damaging the wheels.  Mostly, these are used at military bases, foreign embassies, airports, and other important places at their entrance points and parking lots to prevent especially terrorist attacks.  The flush-type spike system controls the access through the entrance by moving the teeth or spikes up and down.  The spikes are up to prevent access and are down to give access only to authorized vehicles.  In hump-type spike system, the hump acts a speed barrier and also provide house for spikes, and the system installed on the road surface

Road Blockers

These are designed to provide high-level security in areas such as banks, foreign embassies, ports, and cargo and lorry parking lots.  These are available in different heights and widths based on the needs.  These can be controlled with remote control device.  In case of power failure, these can be operated manually.  If the user require, we can give access to control road blockers with the help of a swiping card.  There are different kinds of road blockers, hydraulic road blocker, crash tested road blocker, security road blocker, etc.  Road blockers prevent forced entry of heavy vehicles with high speed by damaging the front, wheels, and bottom of the vehicle.

Automatic Rising Bollard

Automatic rising or retractable bollards used to provide high-degree security by providing access control to heavy vehicles to prevent forced entry of ramming vehicles.  These function with the help of electric power and has high efficacy in providing high level security.  The user operates the bollards with a wireless remote controller and also with the help of push button.  These are also incorporated with the user’s security system and function automatically according to the commands given.  The automatic bollards have pneumatic or hydraulic or electric piston drive systems to rise or retract the bollard.  The automatic bollards having electric piston drive systems have high efficacy.  The rising and lowering of the bollards is controlled by the person, who is in guard house or by someone pressing the right code on the remotely placed touch pad as well as by the signal emitter placed in the vehicles.

Crash Resistant Barriers

These are especially designed to control the forced vehicular intrusions into confined territories.  It has a steel boom, the ends of which rest on two locking stands made of substantial steel pipes planted in reinforced concrete.  These are preferably suitable for access control into sensitive areas like Defense or Military Installations, Nuclear Power Plants, Oil & Gas Refineries, and other security sensitive areas.  When the boom is hit by the vehicle, the impact transmitted from the boom to the foundation through locking stands.

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