Time and Attendance Systems

These are mainly used by business organizations whether it is small or big to keep the track of their employees’ working hours and attendance.  There are different types of time and attendance systems, which include time cards, Proximity Cards, Biometric devices, web-based Login Stations, interactive Voice Response (IVR), etc.


Video Door Phones

For the security reasons, in the event that anybody needs to know who is at their doorstep before opening the entryway, installation of video door phones to their principle entranceway is the best arrangement.  Video door phones give exhaustive security for the individuals both at home and also at workplaces.  Both wired as well as wireless video door phones having GSM (global system for mobile communication) and SMS (short message service) systems are available.  Video Door Phone with fish-eye lenses gives 180-degree clear vision, thusly gives most extreme data at the front entryway.  With the assistance of the video door phone, one can easily see and hear who is standing outside the door before opening the door.  With the assistance of night vision video door phone, you can easily see who are in your home premises during the nighttime.  These are primarily used for prevent counteract thieves and barges-ins.  Video door phone system has cameras installed at main entrance doors along with two-way intercom speaker that is connected to the phone instrument inside the home, which also connected to the video display monitor, which lets you know who is holding up outside at the doorstep.  The intercom speaker at the door is greatly useful to know the purpose of coming if the visitors are outsiders.  You can easily notice who is standing before your front door, what number of are they, will be they concealing anything in their grasp, and so forth.  If they are suspicious, you can call to police and take their assistance.  The GSM and SMS make you notify about the events that are going on at your environment.  These systems have the ability to store more than four contact numbers.  For the security purposes, these are broadly introducing at singular homes, flats, villas, building complexes, work places, and so on.  Video door phones with remote control let you watch out for your front door from anyplace.  When used sagely, Video Door Phones render total security for your family while you are at home or away from the home.

Access Control

Access control is a selective restriction of access to individual or persons to a place or a computer system network.  The access may be to use, consume or enter the computer system network.  Authorization means permission to access or use a resource.  There are two main sorts of access control, physical and logical.  Physical access control restricts the access to campuses, buildings, or rooms.  Logical access restrains the access to computer system network and data.  With the assistance of login credentials, the access control system recognizes the individuals and gives endorsement and clearance.  The login credentials include user ID and password, biometric system, etc.

There are four primary classifications of access control.

  • Mandatory Access Control (MAC): MAC is a type of access control in which the administrator can only deal the access control.  The administrator determines and manages the usage and access policy, which cannot be modified or changed by users.  The access policy will indicate who and which programs and files to be accessed.  MAC is often used in government and military facilities.  It is the highest level of access control.  MAC is most often used in systems where priority is placed on confidentiality.
  • Discretionary Access Control (DAC): It makes the owner of an instrument to manage the access control.
  • Role-based Access Control:  It is a type of strategy controlling the access to a computer network resource for the individuals based on their roles within the organization.  It is a Non discretionary Access Control.
  • Rule-based Access Control: In this type of access control, the access denied or admitted to the resource is based on a set of rules, which determined by system administrator.

Uses of the Time and Attendance Systems

Accomplishment of any business relies upon on employees, who work dedicatedly for their organization.  All employees are not alike, some work for their organization and some come late, leave early, took time-off requests from work, and do time-burglary by taking extended periods of time for lunch, talking on phone, chatting on social media, and so forth.  These create a lot of damage to the employer.  So to prevent this, every employer needs an answer.  The best solution for this is execution of time and attendance systems in their workplace.

Time and attendance systems used to track and screen the employee hours of working and timings.  With the attendance of this, the employer can completely control the working hours of employees and furthermore screen their login and logoff timings, time taken for breaks, and also absenteeism and also control the employees, who comes habitually late.  With the help of these systems, the employer should pay wages precisely for their employees and gain their trust and loyalty.  At this point when problems emerge with the employee’s attendance, with the help of time and attendance that automatically recorded in the system one can easily obtain the data that when the employ login and logoff.

Many of the time and attendance systems have accessibility for the employees when their information sustain to them.  At the point, the employees able to access their data, attendance record, working hours, they feel proud.  This makes the employee feel more pride and loyal towards the organization.  Earlier, making payrolls at the end of the month for the employees was a great task for the company.  The finance employee has to spend long hours and late nights to make payrolls.  Simply because of the time and attendance systems, it winds up plainly less demanding to pay the wages instantly and precisely.

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